Two Blades

Holley Mfg. Company

Holley Mfg Co Lakeville Conn
Lakeville Conn (1844-1930) Pen Knife, 2-1/2″ long closed, two blades, both have good snap. Glorious beautiful 19th century ivory scales with one small crack at front pin. French pulls run clear through the blade. Both blades are pretty full. Finish is a little pitted, but not unusual for a knife that may be 150 years old. Holley Mfg Co Pen […]
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Humason and Beckley

H & B Humason and Beckley 2 blade pen knife horn
H & B NEW BRITIAN CONN. This a very nice H&B Humason & Beckley 2 blade pen knife with black buffalo horn handles. The bolsters are perfect, and the blades have great have stop and snap. The main blade is stamped H&B on the blade. 2 Blade Pen Knife
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This Cattaraugus Equal End pen knife has one spear and one pen blade. It boasts beautiful pearl handles and nickel bolsters. The main spear blade is stamped Cattaraugus Little Valley NY on the front and 22683 on the rear. c. 1886 – 1963
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